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  1. Life is not an empty vie

    book, 42 colour pages, cardboard, newspaper, plastic, second edition of 40 copies, signed, numbered

    available at Dirk Bakker Boeken Amsterdam & Tipi Bookshop, Brussels


    Every book is unique, the plastic pages are handmade and varied from page to page

    Special price Book and artist print 43,2 × 50 cm, (price on request)

    Single prints are available to purchase from this series.
    For edition information, availability and cost please email me.



  2. inside pages  

    inside pages


    inside pages  

    inside pages


    Life is not an empty vie

    Global warming - is it just mass media hot news or reality –  still we are confused about all the facts, looking around at the artificial landscape and our shoping habits, we are already involved in an oposite process – reuse and recycle.


  3. Birds

    Artist print, signed copy (with white borders), 43,2 × 50 cm