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  1. Life is not an empty vie

    book, 42 colour pages, cardboard, newspaper, plastic, second edition of 40 copies, signed, numbered

    available at Dirk Bakker Boeken Amsterdam & Tipi Bookshop, Brussels


    Every book is unique, the plastic pages are handmade and varied from page to page

    Special price Book and artist print 43,2 × 50 cm, (price on request)

    Single prints are available to purchase from this series.
    For edition information, availability and cost please email me.



  2. Life is not an empty vie

    Global warming - is it just mass media hot news or reality –  still we are confused about all the facts, looking around at the artificial landscape and our shoping habits, we are already involved in an oposite process – reuse and recycle.


  3. Birds

    Artist print, signed copy (with white borders), 43,2 × 50 cm