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  1. No Mans Land, Gdansk, Poland, UCP recidency, 2019

    Collaboration with Edd Schouten

    [...] So Nowy Port lies there, difficult and with little reason to access, shielded by surrounding no-man’s land. Perhaps this is the greatest asset of the place, that it has been untouched by the gentrification that has arguably ailed the center of Gdansk. Where monstrous edifices house millions of tourists and slowly push any local identity. Nowy Port functions beautifully as a tucked away residential space. It needs some help with the problems of poverty and addiction, there is definitely a need to clean up the toxic spaces and some more access to the canal might be welcome. But in essence, it is exactly what it needs to be – its own kind of no-man’s land, safely tucked away from the ravages of gentrification.
    Text: Edd Schouten